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The 10 Best Netflix Original Series 2023

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By OliviaUpdated on June 19, 2023

In the past 12 months, Netflix has provided users with many wonderful original series. This post will list the best 10 Netflix original series, and show you a useful Netflix video downloader - 4kFinder to download Netflix original series to local drive. Then you can watch best Netflix original series at anytime, anywhere.

Netflix is undoubtedly the undisputed giant in the field of video streaming platforms. It provides users with wonderful movies, TV shows, original series and so on. It is undeniable that Netflix original series really leave a deep impression on users, and these series make boring life full of hope. In this post, we have compiled the best Netflix original series released in 2022 for your reference. By the way, we will show you an excellent Netflix video downloader to download Netflix original series and other Netflix videos as you want.


Part 1. Top 10 Netflix Original Series of 2023

1. Maid
Margaret Querry plays Alex, suffering from the sadness and pain caused by her ex-boyfriend's abuse. This series revolves around her daily life. She struggled to deal with the numerous obstacles on the scattered road, while still cherishing the hope and dream of becoming a writer.


2. Squid Game
This Netflix K original survival thriller series has taken the world by storm with its brilliant series on capitalism, economy and class conflict, and power structure. This is a survival game. Contestants are burdened with debts and loans and need to spare no effort to win an amazing prize of 45.6 billion won. As they become more and more vulnerable, the player finds himself trapped in a narrow space, under the vigilant panoramic gaze of a strange masked man.

Squid Game

3. The Chair
Under the background of the English Department of Pembroke University, Ji-Yoon Kim became the first newly appointed female dean in the history of the department. She tried to bring about all kinds of changes, and deal with all kinds of things at the same time, ensuring the tenure of young black colleagues, dealing with complex relationships with colleagues, fighting the obvious disdain of her predecessors, and raising an energetic adopted daughter.

The Chair

4. Sex Education
After much anticipation, Netflix is announcing the renewal of the fourth season. The series is a heartfelt and cruel portrayal of the most confusing period of our lives, while touching on important topics such as gender, sexuality, identity crisis, safe sex, sexual assault, sadness, etc. At Moordale High, where sexual desire and raging teenage hormones are everywhere. The series broke all kinds of stigma and stereotypes and became one of Netflix's best school shows.

Sex Education Season 3

5. Never Have I Ever
Few teen series are about legitimately flawed teenagers simply figuring it out, that is why this comedy shines. Season 2, Devi is trying to navigate the love triangle between her, popular dreamboat Paxton, and sweet, smart guy Ben. The series continues to balance humor with an earnest look at an adolescent who's grieving, proving just how charming and genuine its entire world is as it turned away from Devi to examine the challenges her peers face.

Never Have I Ever

6. Lupin
The play is adapted from the story of professional thief Assane Diop, whose father fled from Senegal to France in order to give his son a better future. He was framed by a wealthy businessman for stealing a diamond necklace, shyly hanged himself, and made Assane an orphan. Assane decided to use his wit and sharp mind to seek revenge, and expose Pellegrini's true self. The show became the most watched show on Netflix in 2021.


7. Money Heist
The biggest robbery ended in the fifth (last season) of Money Heist. Not only has language learning been affected, but interest in Spanish films has also increased. The legacy of Money Heist goes far beyond mere ratings and income. Its role is full of vitality, in the red work clothes, Salvador Dali mask and the mix of the Italian resistance song "Bella Ciao", and the ability to revolutionize dreams and authoritarian forces.

Money Heist

8. Clickbait
Due to the disturbing premises involving the countless dangers of the Internet, Clickbait's distorted narrative is very fascinating. The program saw a seemingly ordinary ordinary person Nick Brewer was suddenly kidnapped, prompting his family to track his disappearance. However, the mystery grew stronger, and the crazy revelation disrupted the relationship and the investigation process.


9. Midnight Mass
Midnight Mass, a miniseries about a religious awakening in a sleepy offshore fishing community. The creepy saga of Father Paul, a charismatic priest , pairs elegantly with the struggles of pregnant schoolteacher Erin and guilt-ridden ex-venture-capitalist Riley, creating a web intrigue that converges in some of the most shocking and satisfying moments Flanagan has ever dared to put on screen. Like a great sermon, it pushes the audience right to the edge.

Midnight Mass

10. I Think You Should Leave
The first season of I Think You Should Leave was a miracle. At a time when so much sketch comedy feels stale, bumbling through the same tired premises and predictable punchlines, this series subvert expectations and still deliver consistent laughs. Robinson's boorish characters, always but also sensitive, have only grown funnier and more oddly poignant in the new season. Even at their most repulsive, they have a humanity that makes the show always welcome.

 I Think You Should Leave

Part 2. Download Netflix Original Series via 4kFinder

The above is what we have summarized the best Netflix original series of 2021. Do you want to download Netflix original series for freely watching? If you're paying for Netflix's streaming plans, you can download Netflix original series for offline playback within the Netflix App? If you want to watch these best Netflix original series on your own devices without Netflix App? There is an effective tool - 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader can assist you to download Netflix original series and other videos as your local files, then you can watch them on any device and player without restrictions.

Best Netflix Video Downloader - 4kFinder

4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader is specially designed for Netflix users. Its professional Netflix video downloader has the full ability to download Netflix original series, movies and TV shows without hurting original videos quality. After downloading, you can save Netflix videos forever on your computer even you cancel the subscription. Then you are able to watch Netflix offline, or watch downloaded Netflix movies on Apple TV, Samsung TV and Onkyo receiver via USB drive, SD card.

Besides that, this smart Netflix video downloader supports to download Netflix original series and other videos in HD video quality. In addition, you don't have to worry about the subtitles and audio track. 4kFinder offers the same experience as viewing on Netflix platform, it can download best Netflix original series with subtitles and audio tracks preserved. After that, you are freely to watch Netflix videos on any device and player without any interruption.

Netflix Video Downloader

This post summarizes the 10 best Netflix original series of 2022. You must be eager to watch them! If you are a member of Netflix, you can offline watch them within Netflix App. Do you want to download Netflix original series as your own files to view them on any device and player? 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader is a good helper to download Netflix original series, movies, TV shows and other video programs with 100% original video quality. After that, you are able to freely watch 10 best Netflix original series on your own device without Netflix App.

10 Best Netflix Original Series


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