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How to Download Netflix Movies to MP4 for Offline Viewing?

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By AldenUpdated on May 20, 2024

Wonder how to download Netflix movies to MP4 for offline viewing? This guide will teach you how to download Netflix movies and TV shows as MP4 files, so that you can watch Netflix offline on your computer, laptop, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Android, PS5, smart TV and more device anytime, anywhere!

"Recently, I paid for the Netflix basic plan, can I download Netflix movies to watch offline on Macbook? If I stop the subscription, will I lose my downloaded titles? Thanks."

Netflix is a great place where we can watch various of HD movies, TV shows, Originals, music videos, documentaries, sex movies and more. Sometimes, when you go to a place where there is no Internet or poor signal, it will be difficult for you to watch Netflix content smoothly. Hence, the best way is to download Netflix movies to offline watch. Can you download movies or shows from Netflix? Of course you can! Netflix allows its subscribers to download movies for offline viewing. However, you will loss access the downloaded Netflix movies once you stop the subscription. Disappointed?

download netflix to offline watch

Are there other ways to download and save Netflix movies for offline viewing? Yes! There are many awesome Netflix Video Downloader on the market, most of them can help you download Netflix videos to MP4. In this guide, we will introduce you the best Netflix Video Downloader, and guide you the best way to download Netflix movies to MP4 for offline watching on your computer, smartphone, smart TVs, etc. anytime, anywhere!


Way 1. Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing with Netflix app

If you join the Netflix subscription plan, then you are able to download titles in the Netflix app to watch offline. Currently, Netflix app is available on iOS, Android devices, Windows 10 and later, some smart TVs, set-top boxes, Amazon Fire TV devices, Blu-ray players, and game consoles. Here we will take the Netflix mobile app as example.

Step 1. Go to the App store, download and install the Netflix app on your iOS or Android devices.

Step 2. Open the Netflix app, and sign in with your membership account.

Step 3. Tap the menu button and choose the "Available for Download".

Step 4. Pick the movie that you wish to download and hit the "Download" button.

download netflix movies

After that, you can watch Netflix downloads offline on your mobile devices.

Alghouth you can use Netfix app to downoad videos to watch offline, those downloaded videos is not belong to you. If you cancle Netflix subscription, this title can no longer be watched offline. There are many Netflix download limits issues you may encounter, please keep reading below contents:

Netflix download warning:

Sometimes, when you download videos with Netflix appp, your Netflix downloads stuck at 0%, you failed to download videos. Actually, there are some Netflix official download limits, which will also result in Netflix download problems and some error codes. Let's lised some Netflix video downloading error you may encounter:

1. Not all content on Netflix is available for download, sometimes, you will get an error messages: "This Title Is Not Available to Watch Instantly on Netflix. Please Try Another Title."

Fix Netflix This Title Is Not Available to Watch Instantly

2. There is no Netflix app for Mac computer. Your can download Netflix and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. But, there is no Netflix app for Mac, if you want to download Netflix videos to Mac to offline watch, you need to use a third-party Netflix video downloader for Mac. Or, you can watch videos online with Netflix web browser.

no Netflix app for Mac

Tips: How to use Netflix app on Mac computer with Windows system? If you have an Intel-based Mac, you can create a Boot Camp partition, install Windows, and use the Windows Netflix app to access your Netflix account. Then, you could download movies and TV shows to Windows. However, to watch them, you would have to boot your Mac into Windows first, and then install the Netflix app for Windows on the Windows system OS.

3.Generally, the expiration date for movies downloaded on Netflix is 7 days, and some downloaded movies are even 48 hours.

Netflix downloads expire

4. Some content on Netflix can only be downloaded a specific number of times. If you have downloaded a Netflix title on your device, but you didn't watch it before expiration. When you download it again, you may be warned.

Netflix title can no longer be watched offline.

5.Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit the Netflix website(0013).

Netflix error 0013

6. The Netflix Basic plan ($8.99 per month) only allows you to stream and download Netflix title on one device at a time. The Netflix Standard plan ($13.99 per month) lets you stream and download Netflix videos on 2 device at a time, while the The Netflix Premium plan ($17.99 per month) supports up to 4 devices.

7. Download Limit - You have downloads on too many devices. Please remove downloads from another device, or go netflix.com, chnage play for plan options(BRL.23000)

Netflix download limit

Why not save Netflix videos as local files so that you watch them on any device anytime? A powerful Netflix Video Downloader can help you get the job done. Keep reading.

Way 2. Download Netflix Movies to MP4 for Offline Watching

Although the Netflix app offers downloading options for us to download movies and TV shows for offline watching, why we need to convert Netflix video to MP4? The downloads in NFV format, you cannot play those downloades on other devices such as MP4 player, and all downloades can no longer be watched offline. Worse, eve you have download videos for offine watching via Netflix app, all of those downloaded videos will be expired in 7 days, and some downloads will be becomed unplayable in 48 hours, you need to download and convert Netflix videos to MP4, so that you are able to keep them forever and enjoy Netflix videos on any devices freely.

4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader is a wonderful Netflix Video Downloader for Mac and Windows. One of the best things about this tool is that its built-in Netflix web player. With it, you can easily download Netflix movies and TV shows from web browser to computer locally. This powerful tool supports MP4, MKV format, and full HD 1080p resolution. This means that you can download Netflix HD movies to MP4 to watch offline everywhere. In this way, you' ll be able to watch Netflix videos offline on your Mac & Windows computer anytime, or transfer them to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone & tablet, PSP, HD TVs (copy to USB drive), and more devices for offline enjoying.

Why Choose 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader?
Built-in Web Player - Search and download Netflix movies, shows from with the integrated web player.

Popular Output Format - It offers MP4 and MKV fomart, so you can download Netflix movies as MP4 files and make them viewable everywhere.

High Quality - It supports downloading Netflix video in Low, Middle, and High resolution. You can use it to download Netflix video in High HD quality.

Faster Speed - It can download Netflix video at up to 6X faster speed, saving your time.

Batch Download - You can download multiple Netflix videos at the same time.

Offline Watching - After downloading Netflix videos, you can watch them offline on your computer anytime, or transfer them to any device, tablet, etc.

Tutorial: Download Netflix Movies to Computer by 4kFinder

Step 1. Install and Run 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader
Click the Downloader button or go to 4kFinder official website to get the software. Then install and run the 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows PC. Log in to Netflix in 4kFinder program.

run Netflix Video Downloader

Step 2. Copy & Paste Netflix Movie Link
Turn to Netflix website on browser, find the movie or show you want to download. Copy the video link from the address bar. Then paste the video link to 4kFinder program.

paste url to 4kfinder

In addition, you may also search for any movie or TV show in the Search box. Just enter the name on it.

search Netflix video

Step 3. Choose MP4 Format for Netflix Movie
Click the Gear icon on the top-right corner, Pick the output format and resolution in the pop-up window. Here you can select MP4 format and High quality.

output setting

Note: 4kFinder support downloading HD (1080p) NetFlix video. The output quality depends on the video link, you can adjust the video quality on Netflix website before copying the link.

Step 4. Download Netflix Movie to Computer
Click the "Download" button, then 4kFinder will immediately download the movie from Netflix website to your local computer and save it as MP4 file.

download video from Netflix to pc

Wait a few seconds, you can tap the "History" tab, and click "Blue Folder" to get the downloaded Netflix movie.

view downloaded netflix video

The Bottom Line

The Netflix membership plan has too many restrictions. To download Netflix videos for offline viewing, we recommend that you use 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader. 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader can help you download any Netflix video for free, and save the Netflix videos forever. Now you can watch Netflix offline on your computer. Also, you can use this smart iOS & Android Transfer tool to transfer the dowloaded Netflix movies to your iOS and Android devices for offline viewing. If you want to watch Netflix videos offline on smart TV, Xbox, PSP/PS3/PS4/PS5, you can transfer and save the Netflix MP4 files to a USB flash drive, then inert the USB drive to the USB port of the smart TV or PSP.

Download Netflix Movies Offline


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