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How to Download Netflix Movies to Computer

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By AldenUpdated on May 20, 2024

Want to download Netflix movies to computer to watch offline? This post will give 2 ways about how to download movies from Netflix to computer, including Windows PC, laptop, Mac and MacBook.

"Recently I upgrade to Standard plan in Netflix. How to download Netflix movies on a laptop? I am using Windows 7 system. I want to save some Netflix movies on my laptop so that I can watch them on my business trips. Please help."

"Is it possible to watch Netflix offline on unsupported Mac? How do I download Netflix movies on my Macbook Air? Any suggestion?"

If you like Netflix movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more, here this article is written for you. If you have a Netflix subscription account, you can download Netflix movies to watch offline later instead of streaming it. This may be convenient for laptop users, for example, they can download Netflix movies to computer, and then watch them offline on a train, plane or bus without Internet connection or Wi-Fi.

However, you will shortly found that you can't download Netflix movies on Windows 7 and Mac. The Netflix app is only available for Windows 8/10, iOS and Android devices. There is no dedicated app for Windows 7 and Mac yet, which means you can only stream Netflix from the web browser. How to download Netflix videos on Windows 7? How to download movies from Netflix on Mac to watch offline? But, don't be discouraged. Here we will introduce 2 effective methods to download Netflix movies to computer, including any Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, Mac and MacBoook.


Method 1: Download Netflix Movies to Computer via Netflix Windows App

If your computer is running Windows 8 or Windows 10, then you can download Netflix movies on your Windows computer with Netflix subscription account. You can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Microsoft Store, download and install Netflix app on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Launch Netflix app and log in with your Netflix membership account.

sign in with your Netflix account

Step 3. Tap on the Menu button and pick "Available for Download".

available for download netflix video

Step 4. To download Netflix movies in HD quality, you can tap "Settings" from the menu to select the "High" quality in Downloads section.

change the Netflix video output quality

Step 5. Play a Netflix movie, and click the "Download" button.

download Netflix movies and TV shows

Step 6. After that, you can tap Menu again, and choose "My Downloads" to find the downloaded movie.

My Downloaded Netflix movies

Method 2: Download Netflix Movies to Mac & PC with 4kFinder Netflix Downloader

Although you can download Netflix movies to Windows 8/10/11, you can only store up to 100 movies on your computer at a time. You can't watch Netflix downloads after subscription ends. Worse, you need to watch the downloaded Netflix contents before expiration date (within 48 hours or 7 days). Disappointed? How to download movies from Netflix onto your Mac or Windows 7? How can you save Netflix videos to computer forever? Luckily, there are many professional Netflix Video Downloader that can help to download Netflix movies to computer and and get rid of the above limitations. Here we highly recommend 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader.

4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader is the best Netflix Video Downloader for Mac and Windows computer. It enables all Netflix users to download any movie or TV show from Netflix to computer in MP4 or MKV format. Unlike other traditional video recorders, 4kFinder allows you to download Netflix videos in full HD 1080p quality or even 4K. Another advantage is that it will keep all the audio tracks and subtitles when downloading Netflix titles. With it, you can easily save your favorite Netflix movies and TV shows to your PC or Mac and watch them offline at any time! Also, you could transfer the downloaded Netflix movies to your smartphone, game consoles, MP4 player, tablets and other portable devices for offline viewing!

Netflix Video Downloader


Netflix provides users with a wealth of movies, TV shows and videos. You can download Netflix videos to computer with subscription or 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader. When you don't have an internet connection or Wi-Fi, you can watch Netflix movies offline on your computer. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can only download Netflix movies to a computer running Windows 8/10. But if you want to get rid of all Netflix download limits, 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader is your best choice. With it, you can download any movies or TV shows from Netflix and save them forever on your Mac/PC computer.

Download Netflix Movies to Computer


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