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Best Series to Watch on Netflix Right Now 2022

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By AldenUpdated on June 16, 2023

Netflix has a collection of original series, including TV shows and movies. This article will introduce the 10 best Netflix original series of 2022, and show you how to download Netflix original series without subscription, helping you watch Netflix series offline on any device anytime!

Netflix is a famous streaming video platform in America, providing a variety of original series, including TV shows, movies, anime and documents, etc. You can easily find some interesting shows or movies on Netflix. What should you watch 2022 Netflix? What is the best series on Netflix in 2022? In this article, we will list the 10 best Netflix Originals of 2022. In addition, you can download Netflix series for offline viewing on your device without subscription!


Part 1. The 10 Best Netflix Original Series in 2022

1. Squid Game
The Korean drama "Squid Game" released by Netflix in September has become a global hit, and it still occupies the hot list of major online platforms. Have you seen it? Squid Game is a Korean survival drama about 456 contestants who are heavily indebted, competing in a deadly children's game, hoping to win 45.6 billion won to relieve financial debt.

Squid Game

2. The Crown
The Crown is an excellent Netflix original show, roughly based on the story of the reign of Elizabeth II during the reign (1940s to early 2000s). The short 10 episodes, from Princess Elizabeth's marriage to the Suez Canal crisis, are real historical events, giving the audience a new understanding of royal family members or senior government officials. A good news is that the Crown Season 5 will premiere in November 2022!

The Crown

3. Clickbait
Clickbait mainly tells that when Nick (Adrian Gnell) was kidnapped, he was photographed with "I abuse a woman" and "I killed a woman" cards. Overnight, he changed from loving a good person to an abuser that everyone hated. Only 8 episodes, the plot is suspenseful, further extending the ulterior secret between the victim "Nick" and his family, suspense drama fans must see! Recently, the male protagonist also revealed that the second and third seasons have already had an idea!


4. The Harder They Fall
Outlaw Nat Love (played by Jonathan Majors) discovered that his enemy Rufus Barker (played by Idris Elba) had been released from prison, so he summoned his gang to Rufus launched a revenge operation. Passionate soundtrack and amazing all-star lineup, very classic Western cowboy Outlaw never die, you can still look forward to it!

The Harder They Fall

5. The Unlikely Murderer
Netflix scheduled 5 episodes limited series The Unlikely Murderer. This Swedish drama is a semi-fictional story. It tells the story that after Palme was assassinated in 1986, Engström managed to escape legal sanctions by virtue of his boldness and luck, as well as the confusion of the police in handling the case, until his death.

The Unlikely Murderer

6. Narcos: Mexico: Season 3 (2021)
Narcos is a self-produced drama by Netflix. Since its release in the first season of 2015, it has achieved a global record of 9.3 points. The second season has continued to highlight, reaching 9.4 points. After 5 years, the third season (the final season) will finally be released, and it is called by many netizens. The most anticipated drama of the year!

Narcos Mexico Season 3

The background of the third season is set in the 1990s when the pharmaceutical industry was globalized. The play mainly tells the war that broke out after the disintegration of the Felix Empire. As new independent organizations struggle to survive political turmoil and escalating violence, a new generation of Mexican leaders has emerged. But in this war, the truth is the first victim. Every arrest, murder and destruction will only make the real victory farther and farther away.

7. Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth is an American science fiction TV series streaming TV series developed by Jim Mickle. It is adapted from the comic of the same name by Jeff Lemir, and is produced by the two couples of "iron man" Robert Downey and Susan Downey. The story revolves around in the post-apocalyptic world, a half-human, half-deer boy wandering around with his protector, embarking on an adventure.

Sweet Tooth

8. The Naked Director: Season 2
The play is adapted from Motohashi Nobashi's biography of Toru Muranishi, "Toru Biography of All Director Muranishi". The second season will revolve around the bitter history of AV legend Toru Nishimura (Yamada Takayuki). He will expand his school career and his pornographic world stage. In addition to the heroine Kuroki Xiang (played by もりたみさと) in the first episode, this time also added Nishimura's second wife Nogi Mariko (Tsunematsu Yuri) as the new season's heroine.

The Naked Director Season 2

9.Élite: Season 4
The Spanish original TV series Élite has been loved by audiences since the first season. Four new characters will be added in the fourth season, namely the Internet celebrity Manu Rios, the musical boy Pol Granch, the full-tempered actress Carla Díaz, and the artistic lover Martina Cariddi. What will happen to the addition of the four handsome men and beauties in the new season? Where's the spark?

Élite Season 4

10. Sex Education: Season 3
Sex Education is a British youth comedy web series created by Laurie Nunn. In the third season, Otis has a new relationship, Eric and Adam are officially together, and Jane is also pregnant. At the same time, the new principal, Hope, tried to make Modell a synonym for excellence again, Aimee explored feminism, Jackson fell into unrequited love, and the lost voicemail became a foreshadowing.

Sex Education Season 3

Part 2. Download Netflix Original Series without Subscription

As we all know, Netflix only allows its subscribers to download Netflix movies and shows for offline watching. However, even the subscribers can't get rid of the Netflix download limits. For example, every download title of Netflix has an expiration time, some may be 48 hours, some may be 7 days. Worse, users can only watch Netflix within Netflix app. To break all these limits, you can ask help from a Netflix Video Downloader. Here you meet 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader.

4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader is developed to help Netflix users download all Netflix original series to computer in MP4/MKV with HD quality. It allows users to download Netflix movies and TV shows from the built-in Netflix web browser. Only in a few clicks, you will get the best Netflix Original Series downloaded to your local folder, so you can transfer and watch Netflix series offline on any device, even after your subscription expires!

output setting

After reading this article, you get the Netflix's best original series of 2022. You can use 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader to download these best series to watch on Netflix right now!

Best Netflix Original Series


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